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Last updated date: 9/5/2023

Healthy teeth and gums are important to your overall wellness. With dental insurance through Cigna, you have coverage for preventive care and dental treatment.


New for 2024: Digital ID cards

Effective January 1, 2024, Cigna is moving to digital ID cards. If you would prefer to have a physical ID card, you may request one via http://www.myCigna.com or by calling 800-244-6224.

2024 dental plan

You can enroll in dental coverage as a new hire, during Open Enrollment, or if you have a qualifying life event.

Key features

Our dental coverage provides:

Free in-network preventive and diagnostic care

to help keep your teeth healthy.

Affordable coverage

that helps you manage the cost of dental treatment.

Wide network of providers

that have agreed to negotiated rates, which helps you save money.

Coverage details

In-network benefits* Carlisle Cigna DPPO Plan
Individual/family deductible $50/$150
Annual maximum benefit (per individual) $1,500
Preventive You pay $0
Basic You pay 20%, plan pays 80%
Major You pay 50%, plan pays 50%
Orthodontia You pay 50%, plan pays 50% up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $1,500 per individual (deductible waived)

*Note: If you visit an out‐of‐network provider, you are responsible for any charges above the usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) limits.

How much does dental coverage cost?

You pay for dental coverage through pretax contributions from your paycheck. The amount you pay will depend on which plan you choose and whether you cover just yourself or family members, too. You can view your plan costs on the MyADP website.

Find a network dentist

You can see any dentist you want, but you’ll generally pay less by staying in network. Selecting a dentist in the Cigna network will ensure you receive your plan’s highest benefits. Visit the Cigna website to find an in-network dentist near you.

Save money on dental costs

Use your Health Savings Account (HSA), or Health Care FSA to pay for eligible dental expenses with tax-free dollars.

Access your dental plan online

Visit the Cigna website or download the mobile app to find a dentist, review claims, check coverage details, and more.