Wellness Engagement Program

Covered members will have the opportunity to earn rewards up to $550 for wellness activities.

Deadline for all wellness activities is October 1, 2023

The Wellness Incentives are available to employees and their spouses enrolled in the Carlisle HSA and
HRA plans only. Please follow these steps:

Employee and Spouse Wellness Incentives1
For $50 dollars
Complete your Health
Register for aetna.com or download the Aetna Health app to complete your health assessment.
For $200 HSA dollars / HRA credit per member
Annual preventive/wellness exam» Complete your annual wellness/preventive exam with your primary care provider
» OB/GYN can be the member’s PCP; however, OB/GYN visit must be coded as preventive and not a “general” office visit to trigger incentive
» Members can only earn the wellness/preventive exam incentive once during the year. They cannot earn an incentive for both an adult physical and well woman exam.
Additional Wellness Incentives
Age/gender Appropriate2
Preventive Screenings

$100 HSA / HRA credit per test
Complete one of the incentive actions below:
» Breast Cancer Screening; including routine mammogram (adult) or
» Colon Cancer screening, including routine colonoscopy, routine sigmoidoscopy, cologuard or
» Cervical Cancer Screening or
» Prostate Cancer Screening; specifically, Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test
Personal Health Goals
$100 HSA/HRA credit per goal
Complete 3 calls with an Aetna In Touch Care nurse to work toward your personal health goal; OR

Work online – Accumulate 3,000 Hearts (Rewards Center digital coaching currency) by completing actions toward your personal health goal. Each action you complete, as part of Your Health Goal activities, will earn you 20 hearts. When you complete a digital coaching program, as part of Your Health Education, you’ll earn 100. Hearts accumulate quickly. Call Aetna for details; OR

Complete 4 free, face-to-face coaching sessions once per year with CVS Minute Clinic Clinician to stop tobacco use; OR

Complete 4 week or 4 month post-partum assessment, administered by an Aetna Maternity nurse
Self-Reported Activities
$50 HSA/HRA credit per activity up to $100
» Did you pay a fee for outdoor hobby, in-person/virtual race or event, gym memberships?
» Subscribe to a wellness app or online course
» Purchase health/wellness device or equipment
» Semiannual Preventive Dental Visits

1 Employees under the Carlisle Medical Plan are not eligible for Wellness Incentives.
2 As defined by the American Cancer Society and U.S. Preventive Service Task Force.

Important Information on Wellness and Preventive Services:

What is a preventive care visit?

A medical appointment that includes a physical exam and other preventive services, such as disease screenings, education, and counseling, based on your age and gender. A preventive care visit may also include:

  • Review of your medical history and any allergies, drug reactions, and immunizations;
  • Medication review and refills for existing and stable conditions not requiring evaluation;
  • Cancer screenings which may include a pelvic exam for women;
  • Weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse checks;
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and depression screenings.

Preventive care by an in-network provider is covered at 100% under the Carlisle medical plans.

May I discuss a current problem at a preventive care visit?

Yes, you should always discuss any concerns you have about your health.   IMPORTANT:  When you do, please ask your medical provider to bill the preventive exam and problem-related charges separately on the same day.   For example:

  • Preventive Exam and
  • Limited Diagnostic Exam

If your medical concern is extensive, you may be asked to schedule another appointment for non-urgent issues.

Why do I have to discuss billing practices with my medical provider?

If your provider bills your physical exam as a diagnostic exam, the entire cost of the exam will be subject to your deductible and co-insurance.  Also, you will not receive your wellness credit.