Dental Plan – United Concordia

The dental plan covers preventive care including regular checkups, as well as fillings and other dental procedures. You may visit any dentist you choose, but you’ll receive a higher level of benefits when you go to an in-network dentist.

Providers participating in the Concordia Advantage Plus Network are considered in-network providers under this plan. Reimbursements made by the plan are based on maximum allowable charges (the “allowance”) assigned to each specific service type. In-network providers will accept United Concordia’s allowance as payment in full. Out-of-network providers may bill the member for the difference between United Concordia’s allowance and their actual charges. (This is in addition to any co-insurance that is the member’s responsibility.)

United Concordia Dental for CCM Employees

Calendar Year Deductible
Individual $25
Family $75
Calendar Year Out-of-Pocket Maximum
Per Individual $1,500 per individual (Basic and Major Services combined)
You Pay
Preventive Care
Exams, Cleanings, X-rays, Fluoride Treatments $0
Basic Services
Fillings, Space Maintainers, Sealants, Extractions, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Emergency Exams 20%*
Major Procedures
Crowns, Inlays/Outlays, Dentures and Bridgework, Repairs 50%*
24-Month Treatment Fee ⎯ Additional fees will apply for pre-ortho visits and treatment, records and retention, and banding
Adults 50% up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000 per individual; deductible waived
Children 50% up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000 per individual; deductible waived