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Carlisle offers three high-deductible health plans (HDHP). If you are a Medicare recipient or have another first-dollar benefit plan, you are not eligible for the Carlisle HSA Plan as defined by the IRS. However, you may enroll in the Carlisle Medical Plan or Carlisle HRA Plan.

Annual Contributions by Plan

Carlisle HSA PlanCarlisle Medical PlanCarlisle HRA Plan
EligibilityYou are enrolled in an
HSA-eligible high deductible health plan only
You are covered by a non-HDHP (i.e., spouse’s health plan, health care FSA or HRA), Medicare, TRICARE, VA
benefits or claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return
You are enrolled in an
HRA-eligible high deductible health plan only
Account OwnershipYou decide when to use the funds for eligible medical, dental, and vision out-of-pocket. It’s yours when you retire or leave the planNot EligibleFunds are held in your name and used to pay medical, dental and vision claims (by the insurance company) while you are in the plan
Annual Carlisle Contributions*Individual – $750
You + 1 or more Dependents - $1,500
Not EligibleIndividual – $500
You + 1 or more Dependents
- $1,000
Wellness incentives added to HRA; will be in addition to the amounts above
Your Voluntary Annual ContributionsIndividual – up to $3,850 less Carlisle contributions and your wellness incentive dollars
You + 1 or more Dependents – up to $7,750 and your wellness incentive dollars
Not EligibleNot Eligible
Your Catch-up Contributions$1,000 at age 55 or olderNot availableNot available
Investment OptionsYou may invest in mutual funds if you have $1,000 in account; earnings are tax-freeNot availableNot available

Note: HRA account balances will be limited to the calendar year in-network, out-of-pocket maximum.

* Carlisle prorates the annual employer HSA and HRA employer contributions if coverage begins after January 1.

NOTE: In-network deductible and out-of-pocket maximum apply to in-network services only. Out-of-network deductible and out-of-network maximum apply to out-of-network services only.

Medical Plan Comparison

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Carlisle HSA PlanCarlisle Medical PlanCarlisle HRA Plan
Calendar Year Deductible
Individual $1,500$3,000$1,500$3,000
+1 or more dependents $3,000$6,000$3,000$6,000
Calendar Year Out-of-Pocket Maximum (Includes Deductible)
Individual $3,000$6,000$3,000$6,000
+1 or more dependents $6,000$12,000$6,000$12,000
Lifetime MaximumUnlimited
Carlisle HSA PlanCarlisle Medical PlanCarlisle HRA Plan
Yearly Employer Contributions
Individual $750Not Eligible$500
+1 or more dependents $1,500Not Eligible$1,000
Coinsurance You Pay
Preventive Care $040%*$040%*
Primary Care Physician 20%*40%*20%*40%*
Specialist 20%*40%*20%*40%*
Diagnostics, X-Ray and Lab20%*40%*20%*40%*
Urgent Care20%*20%*20%*20%*
Emergency Room20%*20%*20%*20%*
Inpatient Hospital Care20%*40%*20%*40%*
Outpatient Surgery 20%*40%*20%*40%*
Pharmacy You Pay
Retail Rx (up to 30-day supply
Preventive GenericPreferred Preventive generics are covered at no charge and excluded from the plan deductible.
Generic20%*20% after the 20% member copay20%*20% after the 20% member copay
Brand20%*20% after the 20% member copay20%*20% after the 20% member copay
Specialty20%*20% after the 20% member copay20%*20% after the 20% member copay
Mail Order Rx (up to 90-day supply)
Generic20%*Not covered20%*Not covered
Brand 20%*20%*
Members are required to fill a 90-day supply at either CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy or your local CVS pharmacy. You can contact Aetna to opt out of this requirement.


* After deductible

For Your Protection

The out-of-pocket maximum provides financial protection in the event of a serious illness or injury. The out-of-pocket maximum includes your payments for covered in-network or out-of-network expenses, as applicable, and is withdrawn from your funds. The out-of-pocket maximum includes the deductible. After you reach your out-of-pocket maximum, the plan covers all eligible expenses up to 100% for the rest of the year.

Benefits Documents

For all other plan documents, visit MyCarlisle (ADP).